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    If you're like most cat owners, you want to do everything you can to make sure your feline friend is healthy and happy. One way to do this is by growing wheatgrass seeds for your cats. Below, you'll find four great reasons to grow wheatgrass seeds for your cat. When you want safe wheatgrass seeds grown on a family-owned farm right here in the United States, make sure to shop with Thunder Acres!

    Wheatgrass Is A Great Source Of Nutrients For Cats One of the main reasons to grow wheatgrass for your cats is that it is a great source of nutrients. Wheatgrass contains high levels of vitamins A, B, C, and E, as well as minerals like zinc and selenium. All of these nutrients are essential for keeping your cat healthy and strong. And don’t forget that wheatgrass is good for you, too! Growing your own wheatgrass seeds is easy and much more affordable than paying health food store prices. Wheatgrass Can Help Keep Your Cat's Digestive System Healthy Another reason to grow wheatgrass for your cats is that it can help keep their digestive system healthy. Wheatgrass helps to stimulate the production of enzymes in the gut which promote good digestion. This can be especially helpful for cats who suffer from constipation or other gastrointestinal problems.

    Wheatgrass Can Help Detoxify Your Cat's Body

    A third reason to grow wheatgrass for your cats is that it can help detoxify their bodies. Wheatgrass helps to remove toxins from the blood and organs, and it also aids in liver function. This can help keep your cat's overall health in tip-top shape.

    Wheatgrass Gives Your Cats Something Fun To Play With

    Cats are wonderfully curious creatures who like to explore and try new things, there are things you don’t want your cats messing around with, including your house plants.

    Some house plants can be poisonous to cats, but if they don’t have something else to capture their attention, they might be interested in the wrong plants. Wheatgrass will keep your cats attention and help them stay safe. Whether you have a little patch of it or several big trays, your cat will love playing in it and eating it.

    Wheatgrass seeds from Thunder Acres are the best way to grow wheatgrass for your cats. Shop with us today for a great selection of non-GMO seeds and other products that your cat will love.