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    How to plant catnip

    1. Expand the Coco coir by placing in a medium size bowl and running warm water over it.
    2. Place moist coir into a container
    3. Sprinkle catnip seeds across the top of the moist coir.
    4. Lightly incorporate the seed into the soil
    5. Take a piece of stretch wrap and place over the container. This will ensure a moist environment for the catnip seeds to germinate.
    6. Once sprouted take stretch wrap off and place in a sunny place water every other day or as needed.
    7. To prolong the life of your catnip plants transplant them outside after the last frost in full sun. As a perennial they will grow year after year and once established is drought tolerant. 
    Tip: weather growing inside or out make sure cats do not have a chance to destroy young plants.