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    These instructions are for our wheatgrass kit but can be used by anyone looking for information on how to grow wheatgrass for themselves or their pets. 

    Kit contents:

    2 growing trays

    2 bags of wheat seed

    1 brick of coco coir

    Organic fertilizer

    1 Spray bottle

     There are many ways to grow wheatgrass below is our preferred method.



    1. Place  1/3 of the coco coir in a pan or bucket and add water. If you can’t get the brick divided into 1/3’s this is fine but remember the coir is going to expand up to 8 times its size.
    2. Take 2 tablespoons of the organic fertilizer and mix into the coir. It also works well to spread the fertilizer along the bottom of the tray before adding the coir in.
    3. Use your hand to make sure the coir is completely moist and spread across the bottom of the tray.
    4. When it comes to the wheat seed it is not necessary to soak the seed but if you do it will speed up germination by up to a day.
    5. Take the seed and spread it out evenly on top of the coir. We recommend using half the bag of seed. You can customize the amount of wheat seed based on your preferences. 
    6. Add a very thin layer of coir over the wheat seed.
    7. You can place the 2nd tray over the top to create a humidity dome.
    8. Use the spray bottle to keep the coir moist but not to the point of standing water. You will need to water every other day.
    9. Once the seeds have sprouted take the 2nd tray off and provide sunlight for the sprouts.
    10. By day 10 your wheatgrass should be ready for harvesting. Cut near the base of the seeds using scissors.


    Should you have any questions or concerns please let us know.

    Fun Tip: Coco Coir is made from the fibers from the coconut shell. It is a peat moss alternative and is much better for the environment because it does not lead to the destruction of peat bogs.