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    Image of Cotton Plants

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    Start Growing Your Own Cotton Seed Today

    Cotton SeedsGrowing plants that you can use around your home is a wonderful way to spend some time, save money, and help cut down on the environmental impact of growing, packaging, and transporting these plants. Cotton seed can be used for a number of applications, including as a fertilizer and as an oil. We’ll discuss those uses below, but first let’s talk about how to get your cotton seeds to grow.


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    How to Grow Cotton Seed

      1. Image of small cotton plantsPlant cotton seed in an area of full sun, because cotton will not do well in shaded areas. 
              a. It is important to not plant cotton seed outside if the  temperature is going to be below 55 degrees.
      2. Plant the seeds about 1 inch deep into moist soil. 
              a. Place a seed every 3 inches and place rows approximately 30 inches apart. 
      3. During germination, do not over-water and do not let the soil become hard and dry, either.
      4. Once the cotton has emerged, thin out the growth so that there is a plant every 6 inches.  
      5. After the cotton has emerged, you may need to spray a garden insecticide. We recommend the chemical acephate, which can be found online. 
             a. As the cotton grows you may need to spray again. 
      6. Water once a week until the cotton starts to put on fruit, then water it twice a week. 

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    Uses For Cotton Seed

    Soft Cotton TowelsThe most obvious use of cotton seed is to grow cotton. Cotton is one of the most important and useful natural fibers around, and it can be used in many different applications. However, there is more to cotton seed than this fiber.

    Cotton seed is one of a number of natural options for fertilizer. It replenishes nutrients in depleted soil and works well as a nitrogen fertilizer. From rose bushes to compost, cottonseed meal can speed up the natural processes at work.

    Cotton seed can also be used as an oil, but it requires refinement to remove dangerous toxins. The unrefined oil can be used as a natural insecticide, but you will want to be careful if you are handling it.

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    Make sure to check out our online store today to find seeds and some growing products. We are proud to be a family owned and operated farm that has been growing on this land for nearly 100 years.