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    How to Use Coco Coir Bricks

    How to Use Coco Coir Bricks

    How to Use Coco Coir Bricks
    Learn Everything You Need to Know


    coconut iconWhat Are Coir Bricks?

    When you utilize the husks of a coconut, you end up with a material called coir peat that is a highly sought after and often utilized medium in which you can grow plants. It is a highly unique substance with substantial benefits when it comes to the world of horticulture.


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    Why Is It Used?

    The coco coir bricks themselves are a compressed version of coir peat that is made up exclusively of raw materials and provides the opportunity for a soil-like substance that retains a high amount of moisture. It is frequently sought after because of the fact that it is a renewable source.


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    What Are The Benefits?

    One of the main draws when it comes to coir peat, outside of its renewability, is that it effectively and efficiently retains fertilizer, water, and any nutrients that are brought into the planting process. It allows for truly ideal conditions in which plants can develop their root systems and thrive.



    Coir bricks are given that name for a reason — when you get them they are legitimately brick shaped and about as strong as the real thing. What you will need to do when you get your coir brick from Thunder Acres is to take the brick and place it in a specific amount of water (which varies depending on the size of said brick) for about 12 hours in order to soften it up and create the necessary soil-like consistency that allows it to be used in gardening. It is a relatively simple process and the first step you need to take in order to start utilizing your coco coir.

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    image coco coir brick
    plants being grown in coir


    One of the most important considerations when you decide to work with coconut coir bricks is that a key feature of the material is a high amount of water retention. It doesn’t soak up like it generally does when you are working with soil. This fact can be to your benefit and also possibly your detriment when you start growing with coir bricks. In order to ensure the health and consistent growth of your plants, make sure to account for the amount of water that might be retained in your garden. Too much water retention can damage or kill plants.

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    One subsection of growing your garden is playing with hydroponic growth, which is the practice of substituting regular soil in your crops or garden with other kinds of unique and beneficial materials like coco coir. The high amount of water retention in the material makes it a perfect alternative in a practice that emphasizes the cultivation of plant-life through nutrients in the surrounding water. No matter which type of growing system you may be utilizing, using coco coir as your base is the right call and is sure to benefit and promote the growth of your plants in the future.

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    plants being grown in hydroponics
    coir broken down


    When it comes down to it, coco coir bricks are an easily accessible, easy to use, and incredibly effective soil alternative that have the ability to vastly increase the output and production of your garden when used properly. Try one for yourself from Thunder Acres and start improving the quality of your growing setup now!


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