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    News — Planting

    First Post

    In our Blog we plan on keeping you informed on what is going on. Currently on the farm we are working to prepare for wheat planting. Wheat is planted in the fall and harvested in early summer. This is a stressful time of year because we have to decide when to plant our crop.  It depends on so much on the weather. Some things we must consider when planting are How deep to plant, what variety of wheat to plant where, and when to plant. If we plant to deep and we receive a big rain then the wheat can become sealed under and won't come up. Planting too shallow can be problematic as well because the seed does not receive rain it will just sit in the dry dirt and won't come up until it rains. A wheat crop can be lost in the fall but it can't be made. 

    A Quick note on hedge apple season; 

    Hedge apples are in there absolute prime right now. If you have been waiting to purchase now is the time to do so. Soon many hedge apples will be falling to the ground. Also it may be hard to believe but a freeze is most likely only 6 weeks or less away.A freeze will be the end of hedge apple season.