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    The Best Seeds to Grow in Our Heavy Duty Growing Trays

    The Best Seeds to Grow in Our Heavy Duty Growing Trays

    Unleash Your Green Thumb With Help From Thunder Acres!

    Order Growing Trays Today

    If you’ve never gardened before and the idea of tearing up a big batch of you lawn in order to plant a bunch of stuff that you aren’t sure will grow sounds like too big of a commitment, you’re in luck. At Thunder Acres, we have growing trays, including trays with drain holes and trays without drain holes,  that will allow you to grow plants without taking up a big chunk of your yard. In addition to our grow trays, we have a variety of non-GMO seeds for wheatgrass, oat, catnip, and more! Check out our online store today

     grass growing

    Wheatgrass/ Cat Grass Seeds

    Wheatgrass is one of those things that everyone wishes they had more of but no one wants to pay the price for it. Now, you can get all of that green nutrition without having to spend tons of money. Plus, you get the satisfaction of growing something that you’re going to use! If you aren’t a fan of wheatgrass, but you have a cat, growing cat grass (another name for wheat grass) is a great way to give your furry friend something to eat that will help its digestion while simultaneously stopping them from eating house plants that may be poisonous. We have several varieties of wheatgrass and cat grass in our store, along with growing trays that make it easy to sprout and maintain your grass.

    a bowl full of dried catnip

    Catnip Seeds

    Who doesn’t love watching their cat have a crazy good time on catnip? Instead of having to drive to a pet store and buy catnip from a store, now you can grow it at your house. When you order catnip seeds from Thunder Acres, remember to pick up some growing trays. Follow the simple instructions, here, then get ready to watch your cats frolic and play!

    oat seed growing into grass

    Oat Seeds

    Our oat seeds are an excellent option for cat/pet grass and they can be grown as a cover crop for gardens of any size. In addition to being a great option for taking care of your pets and your garden, oat seeds are easy to grow indoors using one of our growing trays. Best of all, our oat seeds are non-GMO and USDA-certified Organic!

    barley seeds

    Barley Seed

    At Thunder Acres, we take pride in growing and selling the highest quality seeds, including our barley seed. Barley is an amazing plant that works well as a cat grass, as a cover crop in your garden, or for grazing. If you want to keep your pets away from your other houseplants, they’ll love the taste of our USDA-certified Organic and non-GMO barley seed. This plant is another one that is easy to grow inside using our growing trays.

    If you want to provide your pet with some tasty greens and you don’t want to have to commit to a big outdoor garden, order some growing trays and seeds from Thunder Farms. We’re a family-owned farm in Kansas that is dedicated to providing our customers with excellent seeds and growing materials.

    A Cat's Perspective

    Hi, my name is Hank. I’m the best kind of animal there is, a cat. My orange fur is what makes me so likeable to my owners. The day I traveled to my new home at Thunder Acres was the best day. The farm is the best place to be no matter what the season. I love to play with the other cats but my best friend is Bandit the dog (Alaskan Malamute). You’ll always find me playing with Bandit when there’s nothing else to do. 












    Living the farm life is the best. I love having the “best of both worlds” as I like to say. I can play outside with people, Bandit, and my mice toys. I can also play in the work shed with my people. They always like when I come in. I like to think of myself as a comic relief. I lay on the floor as they package up boxes and bags. Oh, and boxes are so fun! I love to jump in them! I especially love modeling. The people will put me up on the table with the catgrass and I just sit there and they go crazy for me! The best part about it is being able to munch on the fresh catgrass. That stuff is amazing. I love eating and laying in it.









    I also get to play outside. I get to lay in the wheat straw and watch the humans package up the straw. I also get to run and catch mice. But, when there’s no mice I go and find my mouse toy. I carry that everywhere. The thing I like most, besides sun naps, is the attention. There’s always people going in and out and they can’t walk by me without petting me. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you but the farm life is the best life out there.


    Best Farm photos 2016

    This post is a photo dump of some of the best farm photos from 2016. Follow us on Instagram for all the photo taken throughout the year. 

    Unloading cotton into the module maker

    unloading cotton

    A beat up street sign at sunset

    street sign at sunset

    Another storm rolling in. 

    Tree with storm coming in

    Stormy clouds swirl over the farm

    storm clouds


    Stormy country road.

    stormy country road


    combines harvesting wheat. 

    wheat harvest

    Combine unloading into a semi truck during wheat harvest. 

    john deere combine dumping into truck


     Beautiful sunset reflecting off a farm pond. 

    Beautiful sunset reflection on a farm pond

    May 2015

              May turned out to be one of the wettest month farmers in our area have ever seen. As May came the facet was turned on and seemed to not turn off. We average 4.57 inches of rain for the month of may and received over two and a half times normal with 11.77 inches. This rain has been a mixed blessing. It ensured a good wheat crop but also has prevented us from getting the cotton planted.

               The wheat crop which was once on the edge due to an early season drought has bounced back and is looking to be a very good crop. It has gotten so wet that some of the wheat is drowning out. Wheat is only 2-3 weeks away from harvest at this time. To try to prevent break downs during harvest, we have been busy doing preventative maintenance on our harvest equipment (the dog is always a big help).


              Only about 20 percent of our fall crops have been planted thus far because of the rain. Including no cotton planted. The last day to plant cotton in the southern Kansas area is June 10th so we are hoping that we can get a break from the rain so we can get it planted. The milo that has been planted is up and looking good so far. Hedge apple harvest is coming fast, though they are only the size of quarter right now, they will be ready for harvest in 3-4 weeks.

              Some company news to pass along. You may have noticed a new logo being rolled out in the last month; this will be our logo going forward. Also we are in the process of getting custom bags printed. They should be ready by the end of the summer. We believe custom bags will help promote or brand and help us grow and evolve as a company. Our very own cats are about to be internet stars. We are taking our own product shot using our own cats and we will begin rolling out these product images across all buying platforms soon.


              Finally looking ahead, June will be one of the busiest months of the year.  This first week will be planting cotton and continuing to get ready for wheat harvest. Wheat harvest will start around the 15th and last for 10 -14 days depending on the weather.

    First Post

    In our Blog we plan on keeping you informed on what is going on. Currently on the farm we are working to prepare for wheat planting. Wheat is planted in the fall and harvested in early summer. This is a stressful time of year because we have to decide when to plant our crop.  It depends on so much on the weather. Some things we must consider when planting are How deep to plant, what variety of wheat to plant where, and when to plant. If we plant to deep and we receive a big rain then the wheat can become sealed under and won't come up. Planting too shallow can be problematic as well because the seed does not receive rain it will just sit in the dry dirt and won't come up until it rains. A wheat crop can be lost in the fall but it can't be made. 

    A Quick note on hedge apple season; 

    Hedge apples are in there absolute prime right now. If you have been waiting to purchase now is the time to do so. Soon many hedge apples will be falling to the ground. Also it may be hard to believe but a freeze is most likely only 6 weeks or less away.A freeze will be the end of hedge apple season.