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    4 DIY Home Projects with Natural Raw Cotton

    4 DIY Home Projects with Natural Raw Cotton

    Natural cotton is often overlooked in the natural fiber world. Cotton has a natural, breathable texture that can be used for all sorts of DIY crafts or home projects. Check out some of these 4 ways to use natural raw cotton in your home!

    Use to fill a crocheted, knitted, or sewn stuffed animal, or doll.

    When you put in the hard work of making a stuffed animal or doll, don't settle for normal store-bought filler that is oftentimes packed with synthetic fibers. Our cotton stuffing is all natural and chemical-free, meaning your craft will be even better for children and loved ones.

    Make natural cotton balls for cleaning or household projects!

    Don't just use synthetic cotton swabs to clean your ears and apply makeup, try using natural raw cotton ! Cotton fibers are soft and gentle enough on the skin for use in sensitive areas such as around noses and eyes, but sturdy enough to hold up against natural cleaners and makeup products. Our cotton comes already ginned, so it has no seeds! Simply break apart the amount you need, roll in your hands, and use directly!

    Use in your garden as mulch or natural weed control!

    Cotton has natural pest resistance which makes it the perfect natural mulch to use in your garden. Our cotton is ginned, so you can break apart and spread out for a thin layer of natural protection against weeds or pests without any chemicals involved. This method will not only make sure that pesticides are not seeping into your natural landscape, but it will help insulate and fertilize the soil underneath.

    Upcycle an old T-Shirt into a throw pillow!

    Don't just throw out those old T-shirts. You can reuse them to make a fun and soft throw pillow for a couch, bed, or chair! All you need is the shirt, our cotton stuffing, a fabric to use as backing to prevent stretch over time, and matching thread for your sewing machine. Simply cut out the sections of the shirt you wish to use for the front and back of the pillow (like a certain pattern or artwork you want featured on the pillow), measure and align your backing of the same sizes (this prevents natural stretch from cotton T-Shirts), and sew as you would any other pillow project. Be sure to leave one side open to be able to stuff the natural cotton inside before finishing!
    Natural cotton is a versatile natural fiber that can be used for all sorts of projects in the home! Try using natural raw cotton today and order yours online today!

    4 Reasons to Choose Our Growing Trays

    4 Reasons to Choose Our Growing Trays

    Gardening is a growing trend. Many people are looking for ways to be more sustainable in their homes, and growing your own food is one of the best ways to do it! However, growing trays can be difficult if you don't know what to look for. There are many options out there that claim they're the perfect fit for your needs, but then fall short after only one use. At Thunder Acres, you can trust our 100 years of farming experience and feel confident that our heavy duty growing trays will be exactly what you need for your garden or greenhouse.

    Manufactured for the growth of wheatgrass and microgreens

    With over 100 years of growing wheatgrass, cat grass, and other similar crops on our family farm here in Kansas, we know a thing or two about how to get good seeds started. Not only are our growing trays a great option for getting your wheatgrass and microgreens started, they are perfectly sized for inserts.

    More than twice the thickness of most garden trays

    Most garden trays from big box stores are flimsy and break or spill easily at just a .7mm thickness. By comparison, our reliable and heavy duty growing trays are 1.75mm (black trays are 1.5mm). Conquer your growing project with ease and confidence with a growing tray that's reliable. This thicker growing tray will stand up to whatever your garden can throw at it.


    Some of our customers have been using their growing trays for years. Long gone are the days of single use and wasteful garden trays. Our growing trays are designed to be used reliably year over year.

    Proudly made in the USA

    We are proud to say that our growing trays are made in the USA, then sold and shipped from right here on our family farm. It's important for us here at Thunder Acres to be able to provide jobs and opportunities for those who live in the American communities.
    Our customers love our heavy duty growing trays, and we know you will too! Choose from four different colors - green, terra cotta, tan or black. We'll even help you mix and match colors if you leave us a note during checkout. Shop online and get free shipping directly to your door within the continental US!

    4 Reasons To Shop At Thunder Acres

    4 Reasons To Shop At Thunder Acres

    For over 100 years, Thunder Acres has been proudly family owned and operated, raising the highest quality wheat, cotton, corn, and so much more. We offer a variety of products sold directly to consumers, cutting out the middle man ensuring all of our customers get the best quality and service possible. Whatever your needs are for your home or garden, all products from Thunder Acres are all-natural and made with care. The same farming practices passed down for generations is only part of what makes us a top choice for natural goods and supplies.

    All plant products are grown and sourced locally

    All plant products are raised and cultivated right here on our family farm. With both Non-GMO and USDA certified products available, you'll be able to find non-GMO seeds, 100% natural wheat straw, all natural cotton stuffing, and so much more. Know where your goods are coming from and feel confident in the care and attention given to your purchase.

    USDA certified organic products

    We proudly offer USDA certified organic seeds for your home, farm, or garden. From oat to barley seed or even our organic and non-GMO cat grass blend for a bit of everything, know you're getting the best when it comes from Thunder Acres.

    100 years in business

    Our family farm has been serving our community and the United States for over a century. We have deep roots, knowledge, and passion that we pass down from generation to generation. Ensure you're getting the best quality seed and grasses at the best prices by shopping with Thunder Acres!

    Free shipping in continental US

    Whether you're working on a craft that calls for all natural cotton stuffing, looking to start your seeds with our growing trays, or preparing your garden for the colder months with our cover crop blend, all orders of any size ship for free. We also offer quotes for bulk purchases and shipping for larger orders.
    So whether you're working on a gardening project, managing a homestead, or simply looking for some natural ways to spoil your cat, Thunder Acres is your choice for a high quality crop or in-home harvest. Visit our online store today!

    Why is Chemical-Free Cotton Important?

    Why is Chemical-Free Cotton Important?

    Get the Answers (and Chemical-Free Cotton) at Thunder Acres!

    Shop Today

     Whether you are using cotton for clothing or you want to use it as stuffing or mulch, it’s a good idea to know where your cotton comes from and what has been used on it. While it would be nice to think that all of the cotton that we come into contact with is clean and natural, the fact is that cotton can be ridden with chemicals. Chemical-free cotton is really important for a number of reasons that we’ll discuss below.

    If you need some cotton that is all-natural and grown on a family farm in Kansas, head on over to our store

    Chemical-Free Cotton Doesn’t Cause As Much Pollution

    cotton plants

    Modern cotton growing techniques are responsible for a lot of pollution. More than 10% of the pesticides and insecticides used on the planet are applied to cotton. Even if all of those pesticides and insecticides were organic (they aren’t), they could still cause problems with the environment when they get into the air and water. Organic cotton is grown without all of those potentially harmful chemicals.


    Organic Cotton Uses Less Water

     cotton plants growing outdoors

    There is some research that shows that it takes almost 2,000 gallons of water to produce enough cotton to make a pair of denim jeans. In some parts of the world, cotton production has lead to catastrophic environmental issues, including the draining of the Aral Sea. Organic cotton requires 71% less water and far less energy to produce.


    Chemical-Free Cotton is A More Sustainable Crop

    cotton growing in a field with trees in the background


    Because of the reasons mentioned above, organic cotton is a more sustainable crop. Preserving and protecting the environment means that we’ll be able to keep growing cotton (along with all other crops) for a long time. The reduced costs of processing cotton also help make it more sustainable.


    Chemical-Free Cotton is Better For You (and the Planet)

    image of the earth seen from space


    A lot of modern fabrics and fillers may start with cotton but in order to save money, many companies combine cotton with synthetic fibers. A lot of people have reactions to these fibers. While most of these reactions are minor, being itchy isn’t fun! Cotton grown without chemicals is also more likely to have safer dyes used on it. That means it’s better for you and the environment.


    If you are looking for chemical-free raw cotton, stop by our online store today. We also have a great selection of seeds grown at our Kansas farm.

    Contact Us Today About Cotton

    Tips For Growing Wheatgrass Seed

    Tips For Growing Wheatgrass Seed

    Thunder Acres Makes it Fast and Easy to Grow Wheatgrass From Our Fields at Your Home

    Order Yours Today


    Wheatgrass is one of those things that doesn’t seem like it should cost a ton of money, but the price when you go to a health food store or smoothie place is always shockingly high. If you want to be able to enjoy wheatgrass at your home, Thunder Acres has a solution for you — our wheatgrass seed! 

    Keep reading to learn how to easily grow this wonderful plant, then head on over to our online store to find Kansas-grown wheatgrass seeds that could soon be sprouting up at your place!

    field of green grass

    Start With Non-GMO Wheatgrass Seeds and Organic Fertilizer

    If you had to pick between something that had been tampered with and something that hadn’t been messed with, you would always choose the untouched item, right? That should especially be true when you are talking about things that you eat. When you get your wheatgrass somewhere else, there’s no knowing where it came from and how it has been grown. But when you buy wheatgrass seed from Thunder Acres, you’re starting as fresh as possible with our non-GMO seeds! Add some of our organic crab meal fertilizer to speed up the process without chemicals.

    a split coconut on a wood surface

    Use Coco Coir

    While a lot of wheatgrass growing guides suggest using peat moss as the base for your wheat grass, we have a more environmentally friendly way to get your grass growing — coco coir! Coco coir is a fiber that is harvested from the outer shell of a coconut. There’s tons of this stuff to go around and it doesn’t disturb any delicate peat bogs. 

    wheatgrass growing in a bowl

    Be Patient (Don’t Worry — It Won’t Be Long)

    Once you’ve got everything you need (hint: check out our online store to find seeds, fertilizer, coco coir, and growing trays), mix it together, water it regularly, and you’ll have fresh wheatgrass in about 10 days!

    Glass filled with green juice with wheatgrass behind it

    Enjoy Having Wheatgrass at Home!

    After the grass has grown, just clip it, grind it, and add it to your food or smoothies! Wheatgrass is also good for cats — it can help aid their digestion and it can stop them from eating other houseplants, some of which can be poisonous to kitties.

    To read detailed instructions on how to grow wheatgrass/cat grass at home, visit our website. While you’re there, make sure to check out the other seed options we have available. And if you love cats, our Ultimate Cat Lovers Kit comes with cat grass seed, catnip seed, a toy, and containers to grow everything in!